Event in DKIT, for St Vincents Secondary School, Dundalk.

A nice picture of the Arch Truss in DKIT.
Quite often we are asked 'To do sound and lights' for an event. No details, no spec, they just leave it to our creative side and this is an example of what we can come up with. Sure we could get away with a lot less, but why not give every gig everything you can? The girls from St Vincent's Secondary School in Dundalk put on an amazing show every year, and its one of those events where we just love to do our best to make a wonderful show look and sound amazing. Thanks to Adam on lights, Shane on stage management, Tomas and Lee-Ron on build and de-rig.
The truss structure is part of a bigger structure which we had made in the Uk for our outdoor events. It complies with all safety requirements for wind and weight loading and when at full size its 15m wide, 10m deep and almost 8m high. It has complete roof and side canopies to build a wonderful outdoor stage.