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Choose Ireland's favourite production company for your next event, discover why we get five star reviews like this;

Worked with these guys a few times in the last few years, but never put up a review. Without the question, the best stage company I've ever dealt with. First and foremost, the staff. Everything is so calm, everything get done without any stress or Panic (excuse the pun). From Vincent at the top to the crew on the ground, I've never dealt with such easy to work with people. I know for sure I made some crazy requests but all were met with a positive response and the job got done. Their equipment also is second to none. This year, we had their biggest stage and it is just WOW! Every act who played complimented it. All their gear is in great condition (no leaks on stage/all audio equip always in good nick and lots of spares if needed-sh** happens sometimes). The Blizzards played on our Friday and they were at pains as they left to ensure we complimented the stage crew and especially the monitor engineer. I've never seen a crew work so calmly under such a busy situation. I've worked with other stage companies who were the complete opposite, so i cannot recommend Vincent and his crew more highly enough. If you are thinking of using them, please feel free to PM me and I will gladly back my comments up."

From Sligo Summerfest 2017 (Brendan Tierney)