End of Year or Start of Year?

So every year around this time its the done thing to have a review and have a look back at what went on in 2017. Why would we be different. It seems as if the year has flown by, but when we stop and have a look at the diary of all the evnts and things we've done since this time last year, its amazing that it was all squeezed into one year.

As the preferred supplier to KR Events we've been busy with Strictly Dancing, Lipsync, and Oskars events. Sometimes three events on one night.

Then we had our Festivals, where we usually provide a complete package of stage, sound and lighting, LED screens and Mojo barriers. Our festival customers really like this approach, everything from one supplier, everything arrives together, works well and there's no hassle afterwards trying to get things back to half a dozen suppliers. We take all away, and leave the place clean and tidy as if it never happened.

We looked after The Fleadh too, providing the 'Gig Rig' where over one thousand performers played and danced over the course of the week, and we provided the sound and lighting in Traceys West County Hotel for the giant ceili and the various bands nd gigs there. My favourite was Stockton's Wing wher I mixed the sound. Great band, fab gig.  

In between all those gigs were the on going school musicals, and shows and various sporting events and shows where we have provided PA over the last 30 years or so.

Lots of new 'Toys' too. Our new trailer stage 13m x 13m which will be on the road this coming summer. Its a super bit of equipment, with a huge floor area, graet height and it can carry hanging gear of up to ten tons. It can be erected in 4-6 hours, which is a fraction of the time taken to build roof support structures of similar size (some of these take days and require lorr loads of ballast).

We have the new dome stage too, 15 metres wide by 10 deep. It looks very nice, its a really nice shape and will be graet for classical gigs where an orchestra has to be accommodated.

Our Audio dept has got a new Allen and Heath Dlive mixer which we purchased in August. It really is a super machine, easy to use too, no complicated menus. We've increased our stock of Nexo Geo to 32 boxes with 18 Subs, enough to cover two big outdoor gigs of 5-8000 people, or put them all together and- well its loud!

Lighting is always being upgraded as is our stock of drapes and backdrops.

We are looking forward to another even busier year with our eyes on some major events.

This is our passion, after 31 years we still love the buzz, excitment and challenges of the Event business. 

See you at your favourite event.

Vincent, Adam, Karen, Matthew, Lee-ron, Tomas, Josh, Anthony, Joseph, Barry, Paddy, Martin, Karl, Catherine, Rokaia, Matt C, Laura